Hey Queen,

I understand what it is like to shrink back and dummy down.
In fact it was so bad I would change clothes to fit in with everyone else instead of embracing my uniqueness. I didn't want anyone to think I was stuck on myself. The real truth was, my insecurities got in my way of embracing my beauty.
That was not right, my purpose in life was to help people level up, not me conform to ways that contradict who I was.
And that choice was mine waiting for me on the other side of Taking Ownership. ​ That’s right. I had to Take Ownership of Who I Am, Where I Am, Where I Been and Where I Am going. Consistent, deliberate, Taking Ownership. That was the action needed that separated me from the life I was meant to live.
The life where I surrendered fully allowing Purpose to live through me and living in that purpose every moment of the day. I create this amazing 28-Day Coaching Challenge to support you in your journey of discovering yourself on a whole new level.

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